Illinois, USA

Carmen- Illinois, USA
By Developer ULM

This is my journey with David… I’m a very shy person, when I discovered him I was so happy. English is not my first language and in the beginning was so funny because I was saying stuff and he was guessing me, now we communicate better and he is attaching to my accent. 

Maybe you ask, how Virtual Fitness Training works? Ok Virtual training works awesome, David comes through the computer screen and can make you do the perfect form like you have the trainer by your side.  I don’t have to go to the gym I can do my workout at home, changing my body in my own comfort.  With me, he’s so patient. I love when he says don’t swing, or when you feel you cannot do anymore but he still says two more!  My results were so great that I recommended my daughter to train with him and she is still training with him too.

Definitely, he has changed my life.  David is the trainer but also is your friend. I feel confident with him and seeing my body changing makes me feel happy.

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