Nebraska, USA

Debra- Nebraska, USA
By Developer ULM
Hiring a personal trainer is something that had never entered my mind until the day David messaged me through a fitness site where I had been posting my “progress.”  I know he approached me with hesitation, because he knew I was doing this on my own.  Deep down inside, he knew he could help me. 
There was no problem with putting in the work as I knew I was capable of lifting weights (something I had always done), and cardio the same. I thought I was making headway.  However, in all actuality, I was stuck and my nutrition definitely had something to be desired.
After about a year of refusal, I finally caved and admitted I was working way too hard for  little or no results.  Solution.... hire David with VFT.  
What a great decision! I never realized how out of shape I actually was and how my weightlifting technique needed a LOT of work. 
My initial fit-test proved it....
Push-ups (chest to floor) = 0
Sit-ups (chest to knees) = 2
Squats = 41
Burpees = 0 (not really part of test but willing to try)
And to go hand-in-hand with that, I could only accomplish 31 jumping jacks. Although I did manage to lose some weight before starting with VFT, I weighed in at 220 pounds.  
Our first step was to start at a baseline cardio & strength training.  Also, focus on the nutrition plan that David had set up.  
As the year went on, there were  changes.  I actually had more energy! I felt so much more fit! Not realizing how much of a slump I was in.... I now felt ALIVE! 
Yes, there have been set-backs and back-slides.  Nobody is perfect. But, with encouraging words of “We’ll get this!” and “You can do it!” from David, I’m getting there. 
My 1 Year fit test proved it.....
Push-ups (chest to floor) = 30
Sit-ups (chest to knees) = 25
Squats = 402
Burpees (1 minute timed) = 22
Weight 148.6 pounds = a loss of 71.4 pounds 
And the best part, I have taken off 25 1/2 inches throughout my body! 
Is it easy?  I won’t lie.  It’s hard work, but more than worth it!  Why?  Because I know, I am worth it and this helps me enjoy a happier, healthier life. 
Thank you #trainerman David! 

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