New Jersey, USA

Dee- New Jersey, USA
By Developer ULM
When I saw women with curves, I thought they were naturally gifted. I could never imagine it was also possible for me to have that body until I got involved with Virtual Fitness Training. I was heavy and was not fond of physical activities, let alone the exercise. I had a hard time convincing my family about the Virtual Training concept, but we decided to hire the trainer for about three months as a trial. My family was surprised to see my progress with the weight loss as well as getting the strength and energy to make my day (and theirs too) better by being happier and healthier.  . I am 67 lbs lighter, healthier, and more active than ever.   I feel fit and confident than ever.  I can fit in the clothes that I always wanted to wear (size and styles).  I can run, jump, and dance more efficiently. I am more energetic, confident, fit, and happy. It feels incredible to be healthy and fit!

The difference from the gym is that with VFT, I can work out in comfort of my own home, at the time that I prefer, and save time driving to and back from the gym.  I found gym training more expensive and I had no personal connection with the gym trainer when I was not working out vs. I am constantly in touch with my VFT trainers, David and Jennifer.

David and Jennifer have been around in our lives for over a year now, and many more to come. They made me believe I too could have those CURVES.  As well as being a great trainer, they always have great suggestions about my diet. They are extremely encouraging, motivating and supportive with setting and meeting my fitness goals. I am 67 lbs lighter, healthier, and more active than ever.

The people involved with VFT are my fitness family. The members here are extremely supportive and understand my desire to be fit as we all are on the same journey with similar goals.  I love them for always being there for me.

I am a changed person inside and out. People do notice the change and I get compliments for my appearance. Due to the change in me, my family and some friends have adopted a healthy life style.  I recommend VFT to everyone regardless of their age, gender or physical problems/limitations. Virtual Trainers are experts in working around injuries or health conditions.

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