London, UK

Gina- London, UK
By Developer ULM

Literally VFT has changed my life!!! I've always enjoyed fitness throughout most of my life but I needed focus and an understanding of how and what I was trying to achieve. I came across Dave accidentally and kept seeing over and over again all the amazing results he kept achieving for people, so I decided to treat myself and hire him.  He is so passionate and knowledgeable with fitness and nutrition and helped me to get on track right away. It was just what I needed and the change in my body was phenomenal.

Within 3 months my body was burning fat more quickly than I ever could have imagined because I had put on lean muscle! It blew my mind and I realised I had been setting myself up for all these injuries after being obsessed with cardio cardio cardio for fat burning. NO!!! Now I don't get any injuries anymore. Now my body is burning fat, keeping my metabolism at a crazy rate and I'm feeling the best I ever had.  I feel so strong, fit and healthy and my clothes fit me better than ever.  Even my skin feels goooooood!! I have so much energy and confidence now - I feel I can take on the world.   I want everyone to feel how I feel and ANYONE can do this!  

I didn’t have to change my whole life and spend countless hours in the gym.  I just need to spare 3-5 hours a week with a real life personal trainer, in the comfort of my own house, giving me everything I need and the results happen. If only I had found this sooner my life would have been sorted years ago!!

Thank you VFT for changing my life.

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