Alaska, USA

Rebecca- Alaska, USA
By Developer ULM

As a teacher, I’ve often had a hard time balancing my time. Between the regular day and volunteering, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I would grab whatever was convenient, and my home became a place of vegetation.  My clothes weren’t fitting, I was tired, and I was constantly stressed. I had seen the amazing results my friend Jaime had gotten with VFT, and thought maybe that could work for me.  

On a whim, I called David. In just the 3 short months I’ve worked with him he has taught me about proper nutrition and encouraged me to push myself. I find it easier to make smarter food decisions, and my living room is now my gym 3 times a weeks. My first workout I actually puked from the intensity. Now I find myself physically and mentally stronger and excited about how much more I can do. There is a noticeable difference, especially in my legs and midsection. A dress I wore six months ago now looks flattering, and pants I never thought could button again, do.

Virtual Fitness Training has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. The convenience has removed all my excuses and restored my physical and mental strength.

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