Rini & Sen


Rini & Sen- Singapore
By April Martinez

David walked into our lives about seven months back. My logical brain found it hard to ignore his solid track record that was fast becoming a legend but Virtual Fitness Training was a complete foreign concept to us! After much dilly-dally, I got on a Skype call with David and in 30 minutes flat, not only had he put me and my concerns to rest, I signed up! 

Perhaps now is a good time to mention that I am the “MOST injury prone person" on the planet! At the time we started, I had been nursing a broken tailbone for two years that had forced me to quit running, resulting in weight gain that further aggravated the back pain. It didn’t help that my job required me to travel constantly messing up my exercise and food habits. David worked around every injury of mine and the list isn’t short. The most striking thing I noticed within the first 15 sessions was the increase in strength and stamina. David managed to make me do full workouts from my hotel rooms with nothing but a couch and a towel! In six months, I have been able to rediscover my abs that I haven’t seen in a decade. Within 2 months of my starting, my husband signed up too. He has achieved amazing stamina during cardio and is fitting into clothes from ages back.

In addition to the workout, David and Jennifer guided us on nutrition. No crazy diets with promises of a size zero figure but continuous education on whole foods and making healthy choices. It changed our whole outlook towards food and fitness. 

David's positivity and never-give-up attitude has had such a strong impact on our little family (including our 7 year old daughter) and the way we look at fitness today. Definitely, the best fitness decision we took.

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