Mallorca, Spain

Rosario- Mallorca, Spain
By Developer ULM

VFT is so good that it’s hard to explain.  When I tell my friends them that my trainer lives in Canada, they ask me if I’m crazy and why do I not train with someone local here in Spain, with my own language?

My reasons are clear for me:  My trainer is in my house on screen at the time that suits me. I do not have to waste time driving to any gym.  I can shower in my house, with all my things and don’t have to move bags back and forth from home to gym.  I can prepare my meals for before and right after session in my home.   In addition to how effective the training is, I also have a lot of fun. This is fundamental for me! I want to do something that even if it involves a great effort, I amuse myself and feel good!!

Although my trainer pushes me, he always does it with affection.  He gets the best out of me, and this achievement is without even knowing me in person!!


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