California, USA

By Developer ULM

VFT and the people here translate to an instant support system of people with similar fitness goals. While we all come from different cultures or communities, we come together over fitness and share lots of laughs together. My team has come to be more than people who encourage me to keep going. I feel a very close connection to my trainer and to my team. They've become important to me, like a second family. My commitment to this work is a 'no-brainer' because I get so much back in return. I feel like my body moves so much more fluidly and confidently and my self-confidence in general has just skyrocketed. I feel like I have the courage to face my problems, where before I avoided them (or "ate" them!) I was even able to overcome a compulsive hair-pulling habit that lasted for 14 years.

It feels so great to be able to shop in regular clothing stores. I enjoy wearing cute clothes and looking at myself in the mirror now. I care about my appearance again, like I never used to. So many things that others take for granted, I don’t; I can fit comfortably in one airline seat. Just putting my car seatbelt on before used to be difficult.

It feels fantastic when people notice and comment to me. People compliment me all the time. Many people who I see only occasionally don't even recognize me now. Almost every day I have someone come up to me and ask me what or how I was able to make such a profound transformation. 

I'm better able to handle problems when they come up. Before the members here and the training and the changes it brought me, problems felt distorted by my sadness and overall depression. I no longer feel depressed or hopeless. I just feel an incredible sense of purpose, like there is work to be done. There are some messes that I have to clean up now that I feel far more capable of handling in my new skin.

Samantha- California, USA

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