California, USA

By Developer ULM
When I first started training with VFT I weighed only 78 pounds. I had struggled to gain weight my entire life.  I had seen doctors and nutritionists, but nothing ever worked. 
That all changed when I met David.  When he first set my weight goal for 100 pounds, I thought he was nuts, but I decided to trust him and this process!  Right away he had me doing workouts like I had never done before and I followed all his nutritional advice.   Within just a few months I was gaining muscle and curves.  I recently hit my 100-pound goal and I feel better than I ever have!!  All my family and friends have noticed the major difference in me too.  I feel so confident now and my entire outlook on fitness and nutrition has changed.
 Thank you VFT, you have completely changed my life!!
Sara- California, USA

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