California, USA

Sonali- California, USA
By Developer ULM

My good friend Samantha gave me a few sessions with David as a gift. I had been watching the transformation in her body but always thought that there was no way I can workout like she can. I was convinced that I had no time and with my yoga and walking, I am getting enough exercise already. It turned out to be a great gift. 

The very first session made me realize what bad shape I was in. It was appalling to see I couldn't do some of the things he asked me to do. The interval training and the weight training both were  very difficult for me. But David encouraged me and assured me that things will change. I was still unsure and hesitant after I signed up. But I told myself that I have to give it a shot and see what happens.

Three months later, I see a change in myself. I am much stronger. When I do yoga classes, I see that I can do several things with ease that I couldn't do before. Many of my aches and pains have disappeared. I can see how the same clothes fit differently now. I have been cinching my belt in little by little. I have a lot more energy. I can even focus more. 

 A lot has to do with nutrition plan Jennifer outlined at the beginning for me. It is a sensible and doable plan. It is definitely a game changer. 

 I don't like to do weight training at the gym. With virtual training I have the luxury of training in the privacy of my home and save time driving back and forth to the gym. David made every effort to fit me in his schedule on days and times that work for me. He is also attentive and careful when it comes to special needs such as injuries, surgeries and provides alternative workouts. 

I felt that he took my success very personally. It is rare to find someone who cares and invests into their clients success. I hope to continue to make progress and reach my goal. 



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